Flashback Friday: One Fine Day in Biri Island, Northern Samar



It was a spur of the moment decision but I’d say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Sunday morning around 4 years ago, me and my colleague Rachel woke up to a storm over Catarman and it was raining quite heavily. We’ve been eyeing this island for days but looking how bad the weather is, we abandoned the idea and reverted back to our comfy beds. But out of desperation to go out and just see this place, we decided to go.

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5 Major Travel Setbacks for FILIPINO Wannabe Globetrotters and How to Handle Them

“I want to see the world…free to do anything I want!”.

That line from an old Tagalog movie keeps popping up in my head whenever I see scenic views online or even just a picture of a flower on a glossy wall calendar. I wanted the same and it would have been easy if I was a princess just like the lead character of that movie. But I’m not. I’m just an ordinary girl living in a third world country imprisoned by the four corners of my workdesk..a very typical Filipina life set-up. Do I want to live like this forever? Definitely no. Figure out why I’ve been writing about my life lately. It’s because I know something has to change and I want to share it with everyone.

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Flashback Friday: Mindanao Memories

I remember that time of my life when I was always on a hurry catching flights, cautious about bus and boat schedules, never had the chance to unpack my luggage and just go on travel after travel. Nope, it wasn’t a leisure travel but a business trip. But being young and crazy as we were then, side trips always came first. #Sorrynotsorry ;p

Me and my three colleagues/travel buddies were given an assignment in southern part of Mindanao. Well most people from Luzon and Visayas find it scary to even just spend a day in it caused by all the terrifying stories of terrorism heard on the news. The news were true but crimes do happen everywhere and not just in Mindanao. One must be reminded that there are still communities there who were living harmoniously just like the rest of the country. People out there, as heavily diversed as they are, still want peace as much as we do. During our month long stay, we get to see the beauty of the south, experience the warmth and charm of the people and collect memories that we will always take with us for the rest of our lives.

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